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  • Date Posted: March 24, 2021

Pure Node Shopify Theme Development Workflow

Earlier this year Shopify announced they would be deprecating SASS. They suggested developers use css or compile scss files using gulp or webpack. One of the issues created by that was instead of running theme watch in one terminal, I now needed a second terminal running webpack --watch to compile sass. It was a mess.

So I created a tiny starter project to get up and running quickly using a single command. Everything for a store gets compiled in a ./dist folder that can be deployed to Shopify.

# Create config
> npm run create:config -- \
  --env=development \ \
  --password=xxxx \

# watch files for local dev. Builds and deploys to non-live theme.
> npm run watch

# deploy site using NODE_ENV and config.yml settings 
> npm run deploy

There’s even a sample github action for automatic deployments!

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